Working through the noise….

Well, it is all very well and dandy that we have moved into these swanky new offices (which are AWWWEsome we might just add) but the downside is that we are working from a construction site which is of course, rather annoying!

Aside from the fact that there is constant drilling around us (headache material), the construction guys across the road who are constantly yelling at each other, the diggers, front loaders and dump trucks that cruise past your office so often you stare out the window longingly, wondering what it would be like to take one for a spin – a slow one at that!  And of course there is your car – it was clean when you arrived at work but when you leave it is covered in that lovely fine dust!  Well…..we have alot to look forward to for the next few months, but we are going to plod on and not complain as we are in our new home and it is super-dee-duper!  Bring on Friday beers!

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